Technology Is Searching for Small Business Local SEO Benefits |

The year is almost over but it has brought thriving marketing especially for small businesses. Search engine optimization which draws customers from nearby communities has blown up due to Google Maps. The maps utilize Google Places and displays local shops when search engine users are searching for keywords related to businesses in the community.

Company owners benefit tremendously from posting listings within the Google Local Business Center. Their store will be displayed on the map and draw targeted nearby consumers and these customers are searching with money in hand to shop for products and services. How is technology fueling this fire which has set local SEO marketing a blaze?

High End Handheld Computers & Cellular Devices

Ever hear of a couple devices created by Apple like the iPhone and iPad? Handheld computers are putting searching power within the consumer’s hands, product hungry technological savants. Not really but they have already dished out hundreds of dollars for a computer that fits in their hands and they are looking for local shops to spend more money.

Mobile Phone Prices & Screens

Not only are you attracting the shopping elite but everyday people in the community are using Google more and more to find products and services nearby. With the price of cellular devices lowering and the screens growing, everyone is starting to be able to use search engines while mobile. Not to mention that with everyone starting to use sites like Google Maps on their cell phones there is a lot of branding for desktop users.

Local Search Engine Optimization Companies

Local shops are benefiting from technology whether it is mobile or it is stationed at home and this buzz has given prestige to being ranked on the first page of the local business listings. Local search engine optimization or SEO is huge right now, everyone has heard about how their business can be on the first page of Google with a couple of simple tried and true tips. Few companies can deliver and most that do only can by accident, they stumble upon the first page.

Just as technology has driven clients to use search engines when searching for local products and services, it will also be the pivotal for companies trying to offer a real service to their clients. A SEO Company is only as valuable as the service they provide. Many boast local marketing through optimization of business listings but very few have a client management system and most lack reporting. They offer nothing to track their work because a lot of times the service they provide really is not a service at all.

My suggestion, find a SEO Company that provides login information to a system that reports the service they are providing you, this should include directory submissions and social media ratings if they are charging a monthly fee.

The Small Business Owners Technology

Now we know how technology is driving local marketing, steering it into a solid medium that has proven its validity. We can also see how local SEO companies are running from technology and the accountability it provides. Where do the business owners stand amongst all these technological advancements though?

Small local businesses have recently become networking hubs usually with Wi-Fi available or close by. Owners of these companies are bringing their laptops to work or setting up a desktop work station within the business. As the years keep passing we age, growing along with how tech savvy small businesses are. The barrier that once existed between home and work internet availability is shrinking. Knowledgeable users of the web are filling the void between technology and its users, even within the small business.

With technology taking over every aspect of local marketing and providing the most prominent source for up to date information it is no wonder everyone in the community is using it. You have to ask yourself how optimized is your web presence? Try searching around the web for yourself or ask your friends to find your small business some way on the web. The results you see may surprise you.

Technology and Business Marketing Today! |

Gone are the days when marketing was limited to a few grandiose ideas thrown together by the top management after which pushed to junior marketers to execute on sheer grit and long hours of extensive work done without the help of technology.

Cut into the current day and age and you can see technology making a formidable inroad into marketing and changing the way marketers think. Technology has also increased the number of media touch points with the customers. Here are a few glances of how technology has changed marketing.

More juice from online marketing

With the advent of information superhighway, marketers get access to a considerable amount of resources considering they also have to cope with servicing customers on this platform as well. Public relations have gone online and twitter is the new CNN and Facebook is the new search engine. With such sweeping changes in user behavior, marketers can only make it easy for themselves by harnessing all these technological changes rather than shunning it.

Creative is as creative does

Consumers are more exposed to technologically modified creative solutions combined with the increasing advancement made in design technology. 3D is no longer a subject of fantasy flicks or a difficult practice but becoming major part of main stream design. As a result, simplistic graphics and overall design might backfire unless you have a specific strategy behind it. The positive point of recent enhancements in design culture is that it has changed the way in which creative folks ideate…the tough part is that advancements in virtual reality environments such as Second Life makes business marketing a bit more complicated than it is.

Change in the lingo

Technical advancements of recent years have had a direct impact on marketing lingo as well. Online marketing has added terms like Performance Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Click Through Rate (CTR), DSP, SSP, SEO and so on which forces the traditional marketers to catch up or be left out. These new areas have also brought in a significant change in how business marketers are perceived by clients and colleagues.

The change in the marketing mix is slow but important

Marketing plans now include online channels almost by default. Few and far between plans are likely to have no mention of the online marketing and social media. In fact business marketing on social media and digital marketing are now being handled by specialized digital agencies that might be catering to specific niches for example digital marketing for consumer good, digital marketing for food & beverage and so on. With the current rate of technological advancements, one might predict that in the near future, most of the marketing budgets will be focus on online activities than any other channels of media.


Availability of more user data has been made possible with the rise of technology implementation for business marketing. Years ago, most of the marketing intelligence was based on guess work and experience of marketing directors or following strategies of larger companies that spend some of their budget on basic methods of market intelligence gathering. With the advancements of online analytics and many other methods of online user behavior monitoring, today marketers can actually provide accurate user data that help influence business marketing decisions and allocate precise budget for each channel they use.

Technology for business marketing thrives on innovation

In the past, marketing was an activity used only by larger companies that were able to provide the budget for such activities. Today, smaller businesses have been able to crack the marketing code with innovative technology and that is what makes use of technology an essential factor in all marketing activities for small businesses. As a result of technological integration, we see smaller start up companies are achieving sales goal of unrealistic dollar amounts that they had never dreamed of.

In today’s business environment, marketers are working hand in hand with technology and their involvement is likely to grow in the near future. Technology in business marketing is here to stay and the sooner marketers get on with new and exciting ideas the faster they will achieve their goals of providing quality service to their clients.